Dungeons & Cats Gift Mug

A high quality mug for high quality drinks!

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When we play dnd, we always get accompanied by our friend's cat. This is an homage to him!

This dnd mug is perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate during those intense dnd sessions!! The mug is printed with High quality sublimation printing, which makes it an appreciated gift to every true hot beverage lover. The design is printed on both sides of the mug, so you and your party members can enjoy it!

- Double printed
- White ceramic
- 11 oz (0.33 l)
- Rounded corners
- C-Handle
- +1 Coolness

Customer Reviews

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Such a cute gift for my cat love DND friends!


5 Star review!


I ordered the earlier version of this mug for my son, with the image on one side only, for Christmas 2019. He LOVED it!! It was his go-to beverage vessel, used it almost every day. Well, our neighbor cat broke the handle off and my son was devastated. he still tried to use it but it wasnt the same. I had to get the poor guy a replacement and thank goodness they still had it!! Not only did they still have it, but now the image is on both sides! My little dude is so happy, especially since this new one has the image on both sides. The old one is going to be used as a pot for some succulents.


First, I was impressed by the quality of this mug, and love the cute graphic, but most of all I am impressed by the packaging which kept this mug safe and crack-free through 2 trips through the postal system. 10/10 would recommend


We all know dnd and cats are great. This mug proves it