Come visit us!

We love to meet face to face with our fans! So we attend a lot of TTRPG events, boardgame events and Comic Cons in multiple countries. Come visit us, roll our huge d20 for prizes, try your luck on our Dice Mimic and see our newest products before we sell them online!

Check our confirmed events below! If you have a recommendation for an event to join let us know here and we'll see if we can attend soon.

Event Calendar

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Exciting news for all fans: GlassStaff is hitting the road and could be coming to an event near you! From the bustling halls of Comic Con to the vibrant gatherings at gaming conventions, our stand is a must-visit for anyone passionate about Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop games. Immerse yourself in our mesmerizing collection of products, featuring everything from stickerbomb packs with over 40+ Glassstaff designs, a comprehensive collection of 600+ stickers for note organization, to our adorably unique dice dressed as D&D character classes.

But that's not all - as you explore our booth, you'll discover the perfect dice to match your character's persona, dice towers that add an extra layer of excitement to your rolls, and rolling trays designed to keep your gameplay neat and thrilling. Our products are not only functional but are crafted with care, ensuring that every item adds a touch of magic to your gaming sessions.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of GlassStaff firsthand at events like Comic Con and other gaming conventions across the country. Whether you're looking to elevate your game with our specialized D&D accessories or searching for the perfect gift for a fellow TTRPG enthusiast, our stand is your gateway to a world of adventure and imagination. Join us at GlassStaff, where every product tells a story, and every visit creates a lasting memory. See you at the next event!