DnD 5e Player Journal

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A place for everything

This notebook has everything you need and more. You’ll find all kinds of different places to keep track of important things that you’ve never seen on any other dnd Character Sheet, like customizable character resources, coinage, magic item attunement trackers, session logs and much much more.

Track everything neatly

Next to all the standard stuff you expect from a Character Sheet this notebook also offers the ability to track Spells, spell slots, coinage, loot, customizable character resources, locations, components, magice potions and way more!

Two Campaigns!

Worried about your dnd character dying? Or do you just play more than one dnd campaign at the same time? No worries, we got you. This notebook features two full character sheets and has two differently colored bookmarks to keep track of both!

Document Pouch

Don't lose those loose sheets of paper we all tend to have sometimes, just stick them in the document pouch in the back!

Customer Reviews

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Craig Cummings
Great addition to manage your character

This is a great way to manage your character. Has all the fields you want for managing a DnD5e character through a campaign. Stats, items, skills, money, spells, character background, etc... For me, it makes everything easy to find. On a regular character sheet, the fields get so small, along with the print. The print and fields are much larger in this journal.

Emmiliene Bivens

DnD 5e Player Journal


My husband and I both play D and D and he makes a ton of characters so this was perfect for him.

Awesome! We hope you both get a lot of use out of it :)


Beautiful, with lots of space and specialized spots as well as blank pages.

Thank you for your review Madeleine! Glad you like it :)


Arrived fast, customer service was great, got it for a friend and they loved it

Awesome Hailey! Thank you for your review :)

Product Description

This beautiful Player Journal contains 2 custom designed dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheets. It has a soft premium PU leather outside with a unique DnD d20 embossed gold leaf print on it. It works with every DnD class and is sure to improve your way of playing!

The Player Journal has customized entries for anything you need during your DnD Campaigns like all the standard things you’d expect a character sheet to have, like your name, background, stats, tool/language and skill proficiencies, hit points, features etc. But this journal also contains some unique resources! Like:

  • Passive inisight and Perception
  • Customizable Character resources
  • Treasure
  • Coinage
  • Ammunition
  • Healing potions
  • Components/resources/consumables
  • Item notes
  • Special Magic item slots with attunement tracker
  • Known spells tracker
  • Spell list
  • Spell slot tracker per spell level
  • Backstory
  • Locations
  • NPCs
  • Quest log
  • Session log
  • Ruled pages
  • Blank pages
  • Dotted pages

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this DND Player Journal:

  • Dimensions: 8,3 inch by 5,7 inch
  • 192 pages
  • Document pouch in the back
  • Room for two Dungeons and Dragons campaigns
  • Dual bookmark for keeping track of two campaigns
  • Table of contents & page numbers
  • Dozens of customized fields and spots for your notetaking
  • Made with high quality paper
  • Soft PU Leather outside