Player Journal Description

Packed with Features
  • Designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5E)
  • Custom designed pages to track 2 full characters and designed to be functional for every class
  • Track important information like customizable character resources, coinage, magic item attunement, session logs, and more!
  • Document pocket on back cover for storage of additional notes
  • Double ribbon bookmark


    Premium Design
    • Beautifully designed and bound with soft faux leather
    • Intricate custom cover art embossed with gold foil
    • Custom designed pages printed on premium paper
    • Table of contents and page numbers


    • 192 pages (2 full character journals)
    • 8.3" inches X 5.7  inches


    More Features
    There are so many unique features, we needed another section...
    • Passive insight and perception
    • Treasure
    • Ammunition
    • Healing Potions
    • Spell components / resources / consumables
    • Item notes
    • Special magic items with attunement tracke
    • Known spells
    • Spell list
    • Spell slot tracker per spell level
    • Backstory
    • Important locations
    • NPCs
    • Quest log
    • Ruled pages
    • Blank pages
    • Dotted pages
    ...And, there's still more!