Mosaic Dragon Shirt

Aanbiedingsprijs$20.65 Normale prijs$22.95
Bespaar $2.30
Maat: XS
Shirt Size Chart

Our shirts are Unisex and have a good fit for both women and men. You can generally pick a size that you mostly wear.

If you are unsure please see the table below and compare these measurements either to your body or a shirt that you own that fits you nicely.


  Width Height
XS 16,5 inch / 42cm
27 inch / 69cm
18 inch / 46cm
28 inch / 71cm
20 inch / 51cm
29 inch / 74cm
22 inch / 56cm
30 inch / 76cm
24 inch / 61cm
31 inch / 79cm
26 inch / 66cm
32 inch / 81cm
28 inch / 71cm
33 inch / 84cm
30 inch / 76cm
34 inch / 86cm


If you need help picking out a size please reach out to us at and we'll help the best we can!

Kleur: Army

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